IT Consulting

The fast-paced, iterative changes of information technology do not always equate to whole numbers when it comes to team building.  Need someone with Exchange experience to make sure your migration goes smoothly?  Or perhaps you want an extra field tech for the week Windows 7 will be deployed?  Girard's Consulting Talent IT staffing solution gives you the exact skills you need, for only as long as you need them.


Signing-on Girard to manage your IT operations gives you instant, experienced IT project knowledge, the insights and efficiencies of a world-class network operations center and a friendly, knowledgeable help desk. When we take point on daily tasks such as updates, patches, backup, monitoring, vendor management and network security, your team can focus on driving growth and creating new opportunities for your business.

We have never taken lightly our clients’ decision to entrust Girard's with their IT operations:

     System and server monitoring – Customized monitoring policies allow our network operating center to closely monitor your environment.  If a required service slows or fails, our team will verify and communicate per the approved escalation protocol.  Firewalls, managed switches, SNMP and ICMP devices can all be monitored to ensure they are operating within spec.  Moreover, our team of engineers and technicians available 24/7, you’re never off our radar.

     Desktop and mobile management – We ensure that every desktop, laptop, iOS, Android or BlackBerry in your organization is running smooth and secure.

     Backup and disaster recovery – Fully managed and customized to protect your business’s most valuable data.

     IT health assessments – Many of today’s computer networks are working overtime to deliver more data than they were ever designed to.  Girard's has the tools and talent to accurately assess performance, reliability, traffic patterns and vulnerabilities.  We can offer suggestions to as to phased stages of improvement that will work within your budget.

     Security assessments – Girard's is constantly on top of the latest security threats and most effective countermeasures.  We can help you lower the risks associated with hackers, viruses and other network security threats.  We use proven processes and tools to identifying gaps, document compliance and improve security.

     Content filtering – We protect your users and network from unwanted messages by using sophisticated anti-spoofing and attachment analysis technology.

Patch management – We constantly analyze and test critical system and software patches to make sure they will not interact negatively with critical software.  All work is done after hours to reduce any potential impact.

     Desktop/laptop imaging – A base image of your computer endpoint configurations with the latest security updates and mission-critical software ensures fast, consistent setups for users.

     Vendor management – We’ll take point with your Internet service provider, website hosting provider, equipment and software suppliers and any other IT service providers.

Regular consultation meetings – Regular meetings insure we’re always in sync with your support and technology requirements.

IT solutions can be complex, costly and difficult to effectively implement. Below are the areas we work tirelessly at for our clients. In doing so we reduce their costs and free-up bandwidth so they can focus on growing their business.


Servers manage access to the majority, if not all of the data assets of an organization. Network Operating Systems just like your applications require care and feeding.  Girard's has the expertise to implement, upgrade and provide proactive maintenance to ensure that the enterprise has secure access to this data when and where they need it.


Server sprawl is a thing of the past. Gone are the days of one application, one server.  A host of reasons have killed that beast including underutilized servers, storage where you don’t need it and lack of storage where you do, green focus and on and on.  Virtualization when implemented correctly provides access to a host of “ities” – flexibility, scalability, elasticity, portability and increased security.  Girard has implemented thousands of virtualized servers and desktops.


Network infrastructure is the technology backbone of the organization.  It provides and manages, access, security and bandwidth.  Poorly designed and neglected network infrastructure can facilitate application access issues and security breaches among other challenges.  Girard provides design, implementation and support services to ensure optimal bandwidth delivery to the right users when and where they need it – wired, wireless and remote.


Managing multiple versions of an application increases the complexity and the costs of supporting your environment. Solutions exist that can eliminate this issue and reduce support costs with the added benefit of increased security. Applications can be packaged and delivered on demand to your user base with access from any device anywhere with an internet connection.


Email is still the single most important application used in business today.  It is the backbone for communications inside and outside of organizations.  It’s the primary way we share files, collaborate and communicate. Giard has performed hundreds of successful Exchange and messaging installations and migrations, providing uneventful, unnoticed secure remote access, LDAP/Active Directory integration and anti-spam/anti-virus for thousands of users each day.

A recent Information Week survey showed that 33% of SMBs were not even sure if their networks had ever been attacked.  The sophistication of todays threats cannot be stopped by antivirus updates and firewall installation. Girard’s security experts monitor the latest industry threats and procedures, bringing to your organization the ability to identify and address vulnerabilities before they ​impact your organization.​

Accounting & Auditing

Accounting and auditing are both essential business functions which, while distinctly different concepts, can interrelate at times. Small business owners must set up an accounting system before they open their doors to manage and record financial data, but auditing is generally reserved for larger or more established businesses. Understanding the definitions of accounting and auditing, as well as the correlation between the two, is vital to understanding business finance.

Accountants and auditors ensure that firms are run efficiently by providing them with valuable financial information and accurate record keeping.  Our accountants and auditors are critical and detail-oriented thinkers.  

Our accountants on a day-to-day basis are responsible for bookkeeping, including the tracking of expenses and revenue, payroll, and paying bills. They are also responsible for preparing balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and other financial reports, and may also analyze trends, costs, revenues, financial commitments, and obligations to predict future revenues and expenses. 

Our accountants are increasingly becoming an important part of successful business teams. This is because they understand the language of money and a company's complex financial situation better than any other employees in the company. Therefore, they are not only responsible for reporting finances to management; they offer suggestions regarding resource utilization, tax strategies, and assumptions underlying budget forecasts.

Our auditors examine this accounting and financial data and procedures to ensure accuracy and compliance with government guidelines and laws. They work to identify improper accounting or documentation and research issues in order to make recommendations to improve policies or procedures accordingly.  They review and investigate any aspect of a business, whether financial or nonfinancial.  Our auditors are fully trained to spot areas of needed improvement, potential dangers and incidents of unethical conduct in their area of expertise.

Our accountants and auditors are critical and detail-oriented thinkers. Among the range of issues audits can review are human resources policies, operational procedures, quality or safety policies and, of course, accounting audits



Business Consulting Services and Professional Referrals

Consulting is defined as one who gives professional advice or services regarding matters in the field of his special knowledge or training. We have experience in a wide variety of business areas and have developed a network of referral organizations to support us in those areas where we have limited experience. We believe by acting in a team approach, with your other professionals, such as attorney’s and insurance advisors, your objectives can be accomplished in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Some of the areas we have worked on recently are:

Business Acquisitions and Dispositions
Franchise Development
Buy Sell Agreements
Lease Buy Analysis
Business Financing Arrangements
Investment Performance Reviews
Operational Reviews
Employee Compensation Plans
Cash Flow Analysis

A simple phone call to complex problems we are here for you.